At this website I want to tell you about my experiences with binoscopes.
After being an amateur astronomer for over 25 years having owned several small and big telescopes as well as many binoculars I felt that I am most impressed by observing with two eyes using binoculars.
So I had the wish for even more binocular aperture and tried out several big binoculars in the 80- and 100mm range but unfortunately all have been very disappointing...
I was close to give up this idea when I decided to make a last try in building a binoscope using two Borg 125mm ED APO refractors and Tatsuro Matsumoto's EMS systems.
The result and experiences with this instrument were way better than expected and motivated by this result I wanted even more.
I thought about building a double dobson but gave up this idea quite soon because of the size, weight and unfriendly usage of these huge instruments.
Finally I ended up with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes, also because I already owned a C8 and a C11 and only needed to find matching second tubes for them.
The advantage of these SCT is there big aperture while still being quite small and lightweight instruments.
Also the usage is quite similar to a refractor by looking into them from the back and the possibility to use the Matsumoto EMS

I will talk about my binoscopes, how I did build them and the theories behind them at the following subsites:

Thoughts, theories and experiences about binoscopes

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